Deck Chairs

LuxCraft offers a wide variety of seating options depending on your needs.  These deck chairs are constructed of Environmentally Friendly poly material.  They have exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, splinting, warping and other hazards of environmental exposure common to wood or wood fiber composite products.  LuxCraft products have high color stability UV pigment systems which minimize material breakdown from prolonged sun and weather exposure… AND they are essentially maintenance free!

Deluxe Adirondack Chair

Designed for superior comfort and durability.  Deluxe Adirondack Chairs are available in a wide variety of colors, so they look good anywhere – on the patio, in the gazebo, or under the shade of your favorite tree.  If you are looking for the top of the line, this is the gold standard.

Lakeside Adirondack Chair

The Lakeside Adirondack Chair is a smaller, more compact version of the Deluxe Adirondack Chair.  Move it along your deck or patio to catch the warmest rays of the rising and setting sun.  And then, at days end, circle up around a bonfire for great conversation with family and friends.

Royal Adirondack Chair

If you love the look of the Deluxe Adirondack Chair, but need the support of a bench, then the hybrid Royal Adirondack Chair is for you.  Enjoy the iconic design of the Adirondack style with the elevated seat of a bench for easier sitting and rising.  A perfect mix of both style and comfort.

Folding Adirondack Chair

Our Folding Adirondack Chair is lighter an dmore versatile than its counterparts.  It’s perfect for stowing in the trunk to transport to the cabin, beach, or sporting event.  Plus, if space is limited in your back yard or patio you can bring these chairs out for a gathering then put them in storage until you’re ready to celebrate again.

Porch Rocker

What comes to mind when you think of a porch rocker?  Small towns, friendly waves, the sounds of singing birds, and the peaceful quiet of sitting on the front porch as the day faddes into night. The Porch Rocker, with its classic design and simple beauty, will transport you to simpler times.

Grandpa’s Rocker

Remember sitting on your grandparent’s laps, listening to stories, and rocking in your favorite chair?  Here’s a way to recreate the memory:  a chair designed like an old hickory rocker but made with low-maintenance poly.  These rockers have the comfort of the old heirloom but can be left out on your deck all year!

Comfort Rocker

LuxCraft’s most innovative rocker to date, the Comfort Rocker is both stylish and comfortable.  Have you had a stressful day?  Spend a few moments in this rocker, and its contoured back and smooth rocking motion will melt your cares away in no time.

Lounge Chair

Relax, recline, take a snooze, or soak up some sun.  Lounge Chairs can easily be adjusted to your preferred comfortable position.  You can opt for a seated position while reading a book, lay flat while taking a nap, or recline slightly to simply relax and take it easy!  LuxCraft Lounge Chairs are easy to maneuver with wheels attached to the back legs.